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Monday, July 9, 2012

Back At It. Again.

So I have decided I am going to try low carbing. Again. For the I don't know how many-eth time. I have to do something though since having weight loss surgery fell through.

My starting weight this time is 329.8 pounds. That is almost 17 pounds higher than my highest weight during either of my pregnancies. I am very disappointed in myself for letting things get this bad. My back is hurting worse than ever, I am not able to do much with the kids and it just plain sucks. So here we go...again.

We have a lot of changes coming up in the next few months so hopefully I can stick with it throughout everything, but I definitely have to do something.

I don't know if I will post daily (I am HORRIBLE at blogging) - not that anyone reads this anyway. LOL! But, I will try and keep up with the big stuff the best I can.

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